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Dragon Biotechnologies aims to be the premiere provider of engineered cell lines and development services, starting with the cultivated meat industry

Our offering spans across cell line and bioprocess development services, cell line products and bespoke solutions enabling you to create, de-risk and industrialize your products from bench-top R&D to commercial manufacture

All of our development processes have end to end traceability, and we ensure that you have the right cells, technologies and processes for your testing, scale up and regulatory needs, so that you can accelerate your research and commercial goals


Our team can work with you at every step of your development journey to create solutions to solve your unique challenges
Cell line
Protocol optimization
Bespoke assay development
Biorocess development
Regulatory consulting


We have developed an array of off-the shelf, immortalised and fully characterised cell lines for the cultivated meat industry

cell lines

Reprogrammed primary cells that can differentiate into fat, muscle and almost any tissue type

Myogenic (muscle)
producing cell lines

Immortalised cell lines with rapid differentiation into muscle fibres

Adipogenic (fat)
producing cell lines

Immortalised cell lines with high proliferation rates and efficient differentiation into adipocytes


Academic R&D licences available for researchers, labs and institutions working on foundational cultivated meat research


Commercial R&D licences available for use in enabling technology development including, species specific growth factor potency tests, media and additive testing and bioreactor development


Commercial manufacture licences available for use in developing cultivated meat products for commercialization


We are developing GFP positive versions of all of our cell lines that are tailored for academic research.

Dragon Bio Launches

Dragon Bio launches to solve cultivated meat cell line development and supply chain challenges

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who we are

Our growing team (pictured below) has 90+ years combined experience in cell line engineering, cell programing and protocol development, bioprocess and bioassay development, and navigating scale up and regulatory landscapes for living cell-based products

Through our dedicated research and expertise, we help our partners access the high quality cell lines and resources they need to achieve and exceed their development and scale up goals

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