Cultivated Meat

Beef up your fundamental discovery, enabling technology research and commercial cultivated meat product development with a suite of tailor-made solutions.

Scientists in the cultivated meat industry are working around the clock to create the future of food production. But developing critical technologies such as growth factors, media formulations and bioproduction systems. As well as creating cultivated meat products that can be reliably and economically scaled up to commercial production. Are both paths chocked full of challenges. From finding industrially-representative cell line models to determining the ideal cell type to achieve your R&D, regulatory and commercial goals, cultivated meat researchers are used to building an airplane while trying to take off.

That’s why we’ve developed a suite of solutions for cultivated meat researchers designed specifically to accelerate enabling technology R&D and exponentially accelerate your cultivated meat product development. These cell line tools enable you to skip re-inventing the wheel so you can focus on what’s really important: pushing the boundaries of fundamental research and bringing cultivated meat products to mass markets.